How do you structure your arena grind

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Hi, it's holiday time for me and usually that means I do way more arena. Because for the next 4 weeks I can play 4 rounds a day easily.
Right now I have 5 teams for each arena.
Summoner trials - 5x maxed 2* (40 rounds to all milestones)
3*f - 5x maxed 3* (possible with 11 maxed teams) (40 rounds to all milestones)
4*b - 4x maxed 4* + 1x 4/40 team (50 rounds to all milestones)
4*f - 2x r4 5* + 3x r3 5* (25-30 rounds for 2m)
5*f - 1 r1 6* and all r2 5* (never looked at the amount of rounds for 1m)

The first 3 I max out, the 4*f I do to 2m, and the 5*f I do to 1m for the possible 3x boosts.
My main goal is units and not shards.

I am very curious what your setups are and what arena's you play. (PS: I do not have set times to play, so the 5* champs often only get played twice a day because of cooldowns)


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    When new arenas begin I always run 5* featured first. Using the current arena as an example,

    So Tuesday 1am (arena resets at 1am for me): 5*F for 1hr. Gets me to about 2.9m and 20+ streak.

    Tuesday day: Continue 5*F in the day for 1 more round, cutoff by 4pm. Gets me to about 5.5m.

    Tuesday night: start streak for 4*F. About 2m with streak done.

    Weds day: finish up 4*F to 4.2m. Grind 6*s when refreshed in 5*F to 6.5m thereabouts. Do 5 fights for 4*B.

    Weds night: 4*B for 20mins. 3x Boost 3* arena for 17 rounds to clock all milestones.

    Thurs: Don’t grind 6*s. Finish up 4*B. Rest and relax. Maybe slide in a t1a/T4B arena in the day.

    This setup nets me 135 + 135 + 135 + 85 units every 3 days (didn’t really count), about 1.6k 5* shards and 1-1.5 4*s which translate to 500-750 5* shards since I almost have every 4* maxed, while keeping arena grind times limited to night after my kids are asleep and at short durations when I’m traveling to places or on a smoke break.

    Not to mention it keeps my gold up (been hovering at 80m for months). Never had gold issues for years now.
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    Thnx for the comment. I have a significantly lower roster than you do. But I might eventually head to a similar setup. I`m in quite a simple alliance that only does 30m aq so rank up resources are a little harder to come by. And I accept I will not do anything significant in the 5* featured arena like other people do. Because I will have to play 3 times a day to get to atleast 6.5m. But the idea of your structuring might work looking at a step down. and only playing in the evenings.
    Always nice to see how other people do things, so it might open some ideas for my own play.
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