Introducing the Summoner Sigil

Greetings Summoners!

With the release of version 24.1 early next month, we’re introducing the Summoner Sigil to The Contest!

The Summoner Sigil is a subscription based service that delivers a number of Bonuses, all for the introductory price of a Star-Lord’s Loot Bag (9.99 USD) every 30 days. Find all the information, and learn about our 7-Day Free Trial for all Summoners (Level 10+), below.

Unlock Perks and Rewards!

Summoners with the Sigil have access to:
- A 20% Experience Boost!
- A Weekly Golden Circle Quest!
- Faster Quest Energy Recharge!
- The new exclusive Title, Summoner Supreme!
- A Special Solo Event based on your Campaign Progression Level!
- Access to the Black ISO Market!
- A 25% Increase to their Inventory Capacity!

20% Experience Boost!
Raise your level and gain Mastery Points faster with a passive 20% Experience Boost! This boost can be stacked with additional Experience Boosts to make your race to Level 60 even quicker.

Weekly Golden Circle Quest!
Enter the Golden Circle Quest once per week to top up on Gold! These short quests cost no energy, and contain only 1 fight,Goldpool! This quest also scales with your Campaign Progression.

Beginner: 20,000 gold
Challenger: 25,000 gold
Contender: 35,000 gold
Proven: 50,000 gold
Conqueror: 75,000 gold
Uncollected: 100,000 gold
Cavalier: 125,000 gold

Faster Quest Energy Recharge!
Don’t miss out on any of the Quests that the Battlerealm has to offer. Your Energy Recharge rate will be cut from 6 Minutes per energy, to 5 Minutes per energy! This means that you’ll have access to 1440 more Energy per month.

Summoner Supreme!
Summoners will have access to this unique Golden Title for as long as they possess the Sigil.

A Special Solo Event!
Earn some valuable rewards, just for playing! Summoners with the Sigil will have access to a brand new exclusive 7-Day Solo Event that scales with your Campaign Progression.

You earn points simply by doing what you do every day, like winning fights, opening Crystals, helping your Alliance mates, using items, and increasing your Champion’s Level and Rank.

Hitting all of the Milestones every week will award you with 300 units over the course of the Sigil, Crystal Shards, Health Potions, Energy Refills, and more!

Click to Enlarge.

Discover the Black-ISO Market!

The Black-ISO Mafia has opened its own market where you can trade up your items, available only to Summoners that possess the Sigil!

It will also upgrade as your Progression Level increases, adding more items, or reducing their cost!

Click to Enlarge. Item limits refresh every 2 weeks.

Increased Inventory Capacity!
Tired of items expiring in your Stash? Increase your Inventory Limits for many basic Items by 25%! This won’t apply to all items, such as those for Special Events.

Try Summoner’s Sigil, on Us!

This great value will be available August 6th for the introductory price of a Star-Lord’s Loot Bag. Over the course of a month, you can earn more Units in just the Sigil 7-Day Solo Events than what is available for that price!

We want all Summoners to have a chance to experience the Summoner’s Sigil. That’s why we’re giving everybody 7-Days of the Sigil for free!

When you update to v24.1, your 7-Day trial begins. You must be Level 10 or above to enjoy the benefits of the Sigil, but don’t worry new Summoners. Once you hit Level 10, you’ll be granted the 7-Day Trial.

The Details on Joining
The Summoner Sigil is a 30 Day Non-Refundable Subscription, but you’ll be given the option to renew with 7 Days left. This will add 30 more days to the end of your Subscription.

When the Sigil Expires, you will lose all of these benefits. You’ll still be able to claim any leftover Milestones in the Solo Event, and any items in your inventory that were affected by the increased inventory limit will remain in your Inventory.

Get ready to try it out when v24.1 drops next week! Want to discuss the Sigil with your fellow Summoners? Do it in the discussion thread here.
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