Women's champions

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Champion good, has a good damage if only using S1.

Champion who after the nerfed became weak and when cruelty was no longer in percentage, her critical damage diminished greatly.

Good champion, has good damage, the more power accumulated, the more damage it has.

One of the best champions.

Perfect champion, insane bleeding if lucky, with synergy gets even more OP using heavy attack.

It becomes good if the opponent has a negative effect and is guaranteed critical if the opponent has 25% health or less.

Excellent champion, immune to much in diamond mode and has high damage on specials with a lot of prowess.

It was very good after the update.

Along with Domino, the best champion of the game, counter for almost all champions and their specials, the critic is OP, with its synergy makes it even stronger.

Good champion, good bleeding and healing reverses in S2.

Excellent champion, blocks excellent power and armor break and can maintain throughout the fight if the opponent is not immune to bleeding.

Very good champion, with the accumulation of furies that is not easy to do.

Very good champion, the problem that when he accumulates the debilitation, can not even let the opponent touch the defense that will lose the extra damage.

Excellent champion, best power controller.

Excellent champion, especially when shattered armor.

Excellent champion, copies bonus and the more bonus the opponent has, the S2 is deadly.

Good champion, has good damage, the more accumulated power, the more damage it has.

Champion that no player wants, but has very good damage potential, just watch Swedeah L videos.

Double immune champion for being a robot, excellent counter against robots, special 2 if you know how to use it, the damage is excellent.

Champion good, but could be better, being the Phoenix entity, until the furies and incinerations (especially if you have the proficiency of despair) is not bad and has good damage in S3.

Very good champion (only do the missions), that the specials will get insane damage.

A good champion, if she knows how to use it, will not let her opponent gain more power.

Excellent champion, for those who know how to use.

Very good champion, regenerates, copies bonuses and drains power with specials.

Excellent champion (could have 5 *, would be the third best female champion along with Captain Marvel movie), earns several bonuses and causes various debilitations.

After the update, she was an excellent champion.

After the uphirt, it was very good.

Good champion, her S1 and S2, does an excellent damage.

I think one of the best designers in the game, she is the worst female champion and one of the worst in the game, her strong point is to attack when the opponent is stunned, but her critic is not high and the specials take little even with the shock.

Very good champion, very critical, especially in the heavy.

Very good champion, good bleeding and regeneration, should only have poison resistance.

Signature from Elektra and Thor (Jane Foster), both have roughly the same increased criticism of their 4* x99 and 5* x200 versions, should be equivalent to double or almost.

4 * R5 x99: 500.74
5 * R5 x200: 525.1

Thor (Jane Foster):
4 * R5 x99: 1031.31
5 * R5 x200: 1181.24

The two x20, the 4* is almost three times larger than the 5*.


  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★

    Champion good, has a good damage if only using S1.

    That's literally opposite of how Angela is supposed to be played, which is making sure that you are at least above one bar of power for most time possible
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 136
    Just commenting on the female champions and if Kabam is going to update some of them on next year's Women's Day, the one who needs the most is Thor (Jane Foster) who is the weakest of them and Phoenix, she is not among the worst, but could be better for being the Phoenix entity.
    Note: I don't have Phoenix and I have Jane Foster without duplicating.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    I’d say she hulk is better then s witch and cap marvel movie
  • Blue_Eyed_ThingBlue_Eyed_Thing Posts: 128
    We are probably going to get a new thor Jane foster, because of the movie coming up...
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,773 ★★★★★
    Kobster84 said:

    I’d say she hulk is better then s witch and cap marvel movie

    I’d say it’s a tie with she hulk and movie marvel. Even tho movie needs a build, her damage output is nuts and can finish fights quick.

    She hulk, with her furies added, can hit pretty dang hard and can nullify aspect of war.

    It’s hard to say which one is better
  • Sagittarius78Sagittarius78 Posts: 34
    Black widow needs more debuffs and she need more weapons use. Bleed needs to be added with the weapons. She is a very weak champ as is. Not a lot going for her.
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 136
    Unable to understand, the person responsible for adding new champions to the game looks like his motto is "If you are strong in comics, you will be weak in the game and if you are weak you will be strong," Jane Foster has already fought the Phoenix Force. , Kallark and Odin, and gave them work, in the animation Avengers Secret Wars, they all got beaten by Beyonder and she was the one who managed to defeat him.
    Sentry is too weak in the game.
    Black Widow deserves an update because it is one of the most skillful.
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