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Unable to hit with Specials after Combos

EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
edited August 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
This was supposed to be fixed after this recent update, and it actually seemed to be.

But since yesterday I have been frequently having the prior issue where the AI immediately recovers and blocks Special 1 and 2 attacks. This is costing me in Quest and Arenas, and is too inconsistent to describe with accuracy.

In some fights doing the same Medium-Light-Light-Light-Medium attacks followed immediately by a Special will connect, but then doing the exact same format in the same fight will be blocked. I've also had it happen where both myself and the AI have been able to interrupt longer animated specials by attacking during them.

I cannot pinpoint those specific fights, but I want to point out that yesterday I received an Android update to my phone (not game related). Ever since that update, these issues have been occurring. I suspect it must be something related to the phone update, but am unsure.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the most recent update. I will try using my iPad soon to see if the same issues occur on that to determine if it's more related to the Android update or not.


  • EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
    I just had this happen again, my 5-star Magneto vs 4-star Scarlet Witch in an Arena Match.

    In the fight she rushed at me and this time I tried to intercept her attack with a Special 1. It worked timing wise, but she was unphased by the first part of the attack. Her punches continued, but with no impact or damage to me. The more bizarre part was that as she attacked, the second part of Magneto's Special 1 (the projectile) was tossed at her as she kept attacking. Instead of hitting her as she continued her phantom volley, Magneto's projectile just moved through her. No evade on her part, no damage was taken by her, and she was able to continue punching at me.

    I'm basically unable to use Specials at this point.

    Samsung Galaxy, S5. Most recent updates for both game and phone. WiFi.
  • Same here my champ just stays there and i get hit
  • SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    Yeah, same with Green Goblins special 2. I can get it to connect like one in ten, but most of the time until this is fixed I'm just making sure to stun first and then use it.
  • wray1976wray1976 Posts: 459 ★★
    Same here my champ just stays there and i get hit

  • EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
    Played on my iPad and noticed no issues with Combos. This seems to be yet another Android related problem.
  • BeardybtBeardybt Posts: 2
    Sup iron man and iron man special 2 after 5 combo against cap and WWII cap they can always block it
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