Ripping me off!

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Hi this is Jedi Welder. I spent well over 50 dollars trying to get Green Goblin and all you guys gave me was 2 stars. That is a big rip off, i have been playing since this game came out. Really unfair of you guys to do that to me. Id like something to be done please!


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    There is no problem man
  • Yes there is kabam ripped me off
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    They didn't rip you off...
    You took a gamble and didn't win
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    Gamble is what happened u r not owed anything
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    this whole game is a gamble if you don't like it quit.
  • Im owed for playing 3 years
  • Yes they did rip me off and i will them that too.
  • I will tell them too
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    Im owed for playing 3 years

    The game technically came out in December 2014, so not quite 3 years yet.

    Plus the Summoner Appreciation event ended a little over a month ago.
  • That cheap of them. Kabam should show more respect then that. Very wrong
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    Somebody wants their participation trophy.
  • Yes i do
  • The Crystals give random drops. No one is holding Rewards back. It's a chance we take when we purchase them. It's not ripping you off. You made the choice to try for him and you didn't roll him. For that matter, people aren't entitled to better drops than others because of how long they pkay.
  • I dont care what any of you say honestly. I care what kabam has to say
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    I'd argue that coming in and trashing the forums and demanding something better never ends well. You will get no productive response from a moderator. Your thread usually will be closed and you will be forever banned from the forums. Have you ever gotten anything good from a PHC or a featured hero crystal?
  • The drops for crystals are random, and do not guarantee a preferable outcome. Each one is a gamble, as we have stated before. There's more information on this here.
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