ghost vs omega red vs medusa, hot to awaken?

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just got a 4* version of ghost and omega red, got the resources for rank them up, got 25 tech sig stones and 30 mutant sig stones and 40 cosmic sig stones. I know they are 4* but I don't have a 5* version of them, and have 1 awakening gem. I won't use them on aw or aq, only for quest. I know next month in summoner appreciation calendar will give us a 4* awakening gem, so maybe I'll awake one more. Don't have ant man, but have 4* wasp rank 2 (I'll ran her up soon), Yellowjacket 5* rank 3 and hood 5* rank 2 (not dupped)for the trinity. For omega red have red hulk and void (not dupped), domino sig 40, all of them 4* rank 4. Don't have Karnak, have black bolt 4* rank 1.

ghost vs omega red vs medusa, hot to awaken? 11 votes

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Omega Red
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