16 Mil Ally looking for Map 5 Experienced player to join us

Good evening Summoners, it is August 2nd and I am currently looking for 1 very active and very great communicating player to join us. We are looking for a Player that has a player rating of at the very very least 375k or higher. the reason we are looking for someone in this range is we want to make sure you have a developed enough roster of 5/50 4 stars or 3/30 5 stars to do AQ and War concurrently. I am looking for a player with great experience with Map 5 as that is what we mostly run. Someone who is good at taking directions but also knows the lay of the map to do well on their own but still work as a Team! Teamwork is our biggest Priority. We want someone that can handle their paths they take and help with mini boss and main boss kills on the AQ maps or at least isn;t afraid to take a swing or two at the Bosses. the Majority of the alliance is USA Based so someone in that timezone would be Ideal!

This is our breakdown of how our alliance works on a week to week basis for AQ and War along with our requirements. Also to note as this has come up before- we do not try to clear AQs within the first 10-12 hours that isn't us. we are a laid back but solid active alliance. we do and have at times take the full 23 hours to complete a map each day but we do complete it. so if you are looking for quick map clears then best look somewhere else but if you are looking for an active alliance that puts Life, Work and Family first before a game that is us as long as you stay active and communicate well ahead of time if you can't join right away. we try to understand real life work schedules, family obligations and personal obligations too.

BG1 map 5x5 unless it is still the over Powered Hyperion then it becomes 5x4 , 4x1
BG2 map 5x4, 4x1 unless it is still the over Powered Hyperion then it becomes 5x3, 4x2
BG3 map 5x4, 4x1 unless it is still the over Powered Hyperion then it becomes 5x3, 4x2
We hit for milestones between 110 million to 120 million. our best score was 130 million.

War layout, we run a BG rotation so it starts off BG1 and BG2, then BG2 and BG3 then BG3 and BG1. we do not push players to use up their Resources for War, we would rather they use it to complete AQ. We take the philosophy that War should be fun regardless if you win or lose because either way you get Free 4* shards, 5* shards and loyalty, so why stress about a win or a loss.

Requirements to join our alliance

Must use Line for communication

Must be very active and communicate very well during Alliance Quest and Alliance War and know those two aspects come first before solo content in our alliance always! if that is something you cannot handle or do not wish to be a part of then please keep looking.

Must donate the minimum Gold 18,750 and Loyalty 1,250 by every Saturday at 9pm Pacific Coast Time. If you do not donated because of forgetfulness or were away from the game and not able to log on we allow on Sunday to pay double to make up for it. if no donation it made by Monday then it counts toward our 3 strike policy which is explained below.

We have a 3 strikes policy for players joining us. if you aren't active, if you don't communicate, if you do not donate to the treasury, if you don't join Alliance Quest or War and there is not a good enough reason as to why all of these can create a Strike against you. 3 strikes and you will be asked to leave the alliance and if you aren't willing to leave then you will be kicked. We try to be respectful toward every player but we also do not want to become stagnant or put up with any drama. the only way to get kicked out immediately is if you cause any Drama, do something that disrespects another player in the alliance or are just absolutely rude or crude.

Must be wanting to progress together with the alliance not always looking out for their own agenda because selfish play can cause an alliance to crumble quickly.

Must not bring any past or present or create future drama. We are an adult alliance that have lives outside the game with work and families so we try our best to keep this alliance a drama free alliance.

Again i am stressing must be a great communicator toward your teammates. if you cannot play due to work reasons, vacations or family obligations we definitely understand and only ask that you communicate if you will be away from the game for a time or will be delayed in joining an Alliance Quest or War.

Please only serious inquiries only. I am trying to lay this all out so all questions are answered but if i miss anything you can definitely ask me.

Hit me up on Line at zbot34


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 174
    Still looking for 1 active Member to join.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 174
    I am still looking for someone to fill 1 spot I have opened. Please reach out to me if you are looking for a new alliance. Thanks
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