The Fist of Khonshu

It’s a shame that Moon Knight doesn’t hit very hard in the current meta. His abilities are very average and his damage is not very good. Here’s my idea on how to make him better.
My Champion Rework: Moon Knight
- Withheld from Death herself by the Egyptian Moon-god Khonshu, Marc Spector’s power ebbs and flows based on the phase of the moon.
Full Moon:
- Moon Knight reduces enemy evade and auto-block ability accuracy by (x)%
- Moon Knight’s ability accuracy is increased by (x)%
New Moon:
- Moon Knight has an 5% chance to evade all attacks
- The opponent’s ability accuracy is reduced by (x)%
Waxing moon:
- All hits have an (x)% chance to gain Precision, increasing critical rating by (x) for (x) seconds
- Moon Knight gains +10% power gain
Waning moon:
- All hits have an (x)% chance to gain Fury, increasing attack by (x) for (x) seconds
- The opponent suffers -10% power gain
Heavy attack:
- If this attack is critical, it has an (x)% chance to stun for (x) seconds. Chance increases the closer it is to full moon but stun duration is increased the closer it is to new moon
Critical hits:
- Critical hits lacerate opponents with a 70% chance, inflicting (x) bleed damage over (x) seconds
Special 1:
- If the moon is close to Full moon, Moon Knight gains a Moonlight Passive for (x) seconds. This increases ability accuracy by (x)% and allowing Moon Knight to ignore armor and resistances. Duration is increased during Full moon
- If the moon is close to New moon, this attack inflicts a Darkness passive on the opponent for (x) seconds.
- This attack receives an additional (x) critical rating.
Special 2:
- In New Moon, stun chance and duration are increased by 100%
- In Waning Moon, opponents gain 0 power from this attack
- In Full Moon, this attack is unblockable
- In Waxing Moon, this attack deals guaranteed critical hits.
- (x)% chance to stun for (x) seconds.
Special 3:
- Khonshu gives Spector temporary control over the Moon’s phases, allowing him to use a second phase for 25 seconds depending on what move he did before the attack.
- Block: New Moon
- Light Attack: Waning Moon
- Medium Attack: Waxing Moon
- Heavy Attack: Full Moon
- 100% chance to bleed, dealing (x) damage over (x) seconds
Signature Ability: Synodic Tide
Either Moon Knight gains (x) increased critical damage, (x)% bleed damage, and (x)% increased power gain or the opponent loses (x) critical damage, (x)% debuff duration, and (x)% decreased power gain. This cycles every 6 hours.

Thanks for reading! Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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