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AW Season 11 Videos

Now, the new season started, and I'll post my AW videos in this thread.


  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190802 [BR JP] MERCENÁRIOS BR/JP

    At the start, we saw there is a Thing on AON node. So we changed line with other members that has Blade. So at section 1, I followed line 7 instead of line 6, and they are all easy fights. Also the Korg in section 2 was removed by backup member (he does not have time to wait for his own reason.) and I cleaned up the rest easily. Not so much opponents are left. One disappointment was I could not clean up the Champion due to I got cornored due to unstoppable. Anyway this opponent has strong defense and good attackers that we have no chance to win. (Why does Kabam give us such difficult opponent from the first right of the season? 😭)
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190804 [P-T-R] The patriot

    The line clear was okay, even cleared the Thing on all-or-nothing node with Quake. (Lost some health due to mistakes.) The 2nd section was also good enough with Void and Vision. However it costs 3 deaths to clear Hyperion, as it was sp1 lock node and lost some timing and got cornered. (Using Void was a complete mistake, as it was also debuff immune node) Could have finished the fights without a death, but the final fight was a complete mess and shame.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    [_G0W_] Gods Of War

    This war was perfect for me. No death on every fights, and used less items than usual. The most worried fight was with Kingpin, as he can shrug debuffs, but Vision did his parts and Kingpin was down after 110 hits. The new Captain Marvel and Heimdall was handled without dexterity mastery. And the last fight was Hyperion, which I lost completely on last war, but I got him on one shot this time.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190809 [2-1-1] New Avengers 2

    Changed the lines at section 1 due to Annihilus as he is power control immune. Followed line 7 instead, all fights are done well except the champion info was hidden. At section 2, tried to deal Korg with Void, as he may disrupt heal block timing if dealt with Vision. Gave him death at 3% health, finished with Vision. Other fights are done without another death but lost the war.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190811 [KR€€] Illuminati Top secrets Marvel

    There are two Things on my lines, so brought Quake. Fortunately didn’t die on Things but lost much health of Quake. Need more practice to make it perfect. The original plan for Nick Fury was bringing Omega Red but brought Void instead by mistake. Tried to kill him with Vision but got cornered and gave him death.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190813 [DSVG] Deadly Instinct Savage Squad

    1st section went well as I only had one fight. The trouble was Nuck Fury. Void seems good match as I don't need to care about heal block after some points. However his strategic charges keeps me hitting continuously, and I don't have enough time to remove all the health of Nick Fury. Anyway after timeout, I could finish him easily. The next trouble is Thing. I really don't like Thing, but had to use Quake to deal with him. Due to buffet node, removed dexterity and need to party continuously. However lost timing a few times and lost Quake. This war costs 2 deaths but we finally win this time.
  • Batman1903Batman1903 Posts: 208
    when does this season end????
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190816 [•SAS•] Super Andromeda Skrulls

    All line clear was good until the fight against Namer. Died once as at some point parry failed. Another mistake at Hyperion, lost timing and got cornered. Could not kill Hyperion by myself as item count reached close to limit. Anyway the war is lost as our opponent was so good.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190818 [FUREM] FUROREM

    All fights went well until Thing. Thing is still a headache as he easily corners attackers and gets killed. It costed one death, but other fights went well and we won.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190820 [_G0W_] Gods Of War

    verything goes well until Green Goblin, forgot he can regen also, and fought with Magik. Got timeout due to incredible regen. Should have fought with Vision at first. Close lose due to diversity, needed less death anyway.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190823 [xDstx] Deli DoSTLux

    Died twice, one is from Thing and the other is from Sinister. But won the war.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190825 [P-T-R] The patriot

    Lost some health fromKirg, but no death.
  • Somin_DadSomin_Dad Posts: 183
    20190827 [ZDoom] Doom Corp of the Zova Corp

    Another no death. However the opponent was so desperate as they are just below Master, which results in lost.
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