Very Active Alliance- Chill, Fun & Skill LF 100k+ Member(s)

At BacønStatiøn, we focus on growing our Champs for future Wars. We use Line chat, which is the only requirement. Donations are NOT required ATM, but can be ANY amount you like! 1? Good! 4000? Sure! Whatever you feel like giving. Currently running maps 3, 4. If you’re active we want you! Great rewards with our group and the best part is that we understand real life stuff comes first! Family like atmosphere with chill vibes! Feel free to add me on Line chat using my number. 6603732974 My IGN is Błūe and I’m an officer, or you can contact the Leader, Legø at Line ID: 2004lego We’d love to have you and you’ll love our rewards and overall friendliness! Peace!
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