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Looking for a new home

In a top 300 alliance now, tier1/2 im AW looking for a more relaxed home. Want alliance to be AW not AQ focused as i have expiring t4c and looking to lower my commit from what it has been.
Not that it should matter but current prestige is 5000 and could get above 5300 pretty easily.
I got a lot of messages the last time i posted but all were still a little too intense. Message me in game if interested: AceMace10


  • MheikalMheikal Posts: 91
    ALLIANCE - SynergyDogs [4Dogs]

    Hey man, we are just what you are looking for. We are a good core group of 17 players looking to expand our alliance by either having new allies joining us or another alliance that would like to join ours. We are all daily players. All we ask is that you contribute daily. We also win most of our AWs, and would like to improve our overall standing here too.

    PM m_heikal in game/line if interested, or just join up!

    Here's to growing together!
  • kyrantkyrant Posts: 8
    Sent you a friend request in game. Think our level suits your needs to relax and chill.
  • SakkbanSakkban Posts: 96
    Sent you a friend request in game. Name is Sakkban in line as well, can give you more info about our alliance if you are interested.
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