Can we have The Destroyer Armor as a Champion?

I really like the Destroyer Armor and I would like to see a new good mystic champion in the meta. Here is my idea on how to make the Destroyer as a champion.
My Champion Idea: The Destroyer
Class: Mystic
Soul Transfer- Pre-fight Ability
- The Destroyer has one charge at the start of the quest(Max:1). The charge represents the Summoner’s soul. The Destroyer starts the quest with 0 health but can consume one charge to instantly gain 100% of his health. After a battle, The Destroyer will lose all of his health.
- You can gain one charge back by defeating your opponent. If you die, you won’t gain any charges. If you have 0 charges, you can sacrifice one of your champion’s full health to gain one charge.
- The Destroyer Armor has no body in it, granting him immunity to Bleed and Poison.
- The Destroyer Armor is made of the enchanted metal Uru, granting it +(x) armor, +(x) physical resistance, +(x) energy resistance, and +(x) block proficiency.
- The Destroyer gains a permanent buff if he absorbed a champion’s soul depending on their class.
- Skill: Precision
- Mutant: Prowess
- Tech: Armor Up
- Cosmic: Fury
- Mystic: Energy Resistance
- Science: Physical Resistance
Special 1: Disintegrating Blast
* The Destroyer strikes the opponent with its arm and then blasts the opponent with a powerful energy beam.
- The beam attack ignores armor, resistances, and ability accuracy reduction.
- The beam attack has a 70% chance to do up to 3 armor breaks, reducing armor raring by (x) for (x) seconds
- The first hit of this attack passively stuns the opponent for (x) seconds. The beam attack pauses the stun for 1 second for each armor break inflicted on the opponent
- The beam attack inflicts an additional effect based on whose soul you used.
- Skill: The opponent’s next special attack will have 100% reduced ability accuracy
- Mutant: Inflicts (x)% of its damage as direct incinerate damage
- Tech: Heal Blocks the opponent or (x) seconds
- Cosmic: Consume one of the opponent’s buffs to heal (x) health
- Mystic: Power burns (x)% of current power
- Science: stun becomes a paralyze debuff, stunning the opponent and reducing healing and power gain by (x)%
Special 2: Mystical Strength
* The Destroyer pummels its opponent with its superior stength and near invulnerability.
- Critical hits in this attack inflict a permanent Stagger, removing the next buff the opponent activates.
- Gain unstoppable after this attack for (x) seconds.
- If this attack lands, gain Stun Immunity for (x) seconds. If unstoppable is removed, stun immunity is also removed.
Special 3: Destroy the Opponent
* The Destroyer has only one mission: to destroy those in its path
- Inflicts Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by 100% for (x) seconds.
- Inflicts Weakness, reducing attack rating by (x)
- Gain True Damage for (x) seconds.
- If his soul is that of a Science, Skill, or Mutant Champion, this attack grants the Destroyer True Strike
- If his soul is that of a Tech, Cosmic, or Mystic Champion, this attack makes the Destroyer unblockable
Signature Ability: Unbreakable Armor
- The Destroyer becomes immune to all effects that would lower its armor.
- The Destroyer has a (x)% chance to gain armor up that increases armor by (x) for (x) seconds when struck.
- The Destroyer is indestructible and unstoppable when doing a dash attack if it has a buff of it

Thanks for reading!


  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,390 ★★★★
    cool abilities maybe this will show up in the 4th Thor movie
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