Marvel Entities is a silver 1 alliance that does daily map 4 AQ in 3 Bg’s. We also run 3 BG AW and participate in all events. We are looking for 2 new daily active members to help us on our quest of achieving gold 3 tier. If your interested in a well organized alliance that uses line app to communicate and love to have fun but also collect tons of rewards, then add Rizer_7 in game and start your adventure today. Requirements are line app ,150k+ player rating and be a daily active player.


  • HoppingHopping Posts: 1
    I sent a friend request
  • Rizer_7Rizer_7 Posts: 4
    We are still looking for 1 more member to replace a retiring player. If interested in a daily active fun alliance contact me in game or on line app. Rizer_7
  • Rizer_7Rizer_7 Posts: 4
    Looking for 1 additional member contact me in game or on line rizer_7
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