Please share your non suicide mastery setup pics

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I’m looking for variations , where I have basic points in defence and utility, while attack gets the major chunk ( somewhere between 38 - 45 points )

I’m looking for a setup that helps bleeders , fury and critical hit champs or maybe any 2 of these 3 varieties.

Please post your mastery setups ( non suicides )



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    Seraphion said:

    You can take the 4 points out of utility imo and put 3 more in assassin and 1 into courage but assassin was too expensive for 5/5 for me

  • Lol just wanted to post mine. They're trash ive been looking for tips aswell and ran into your post. Ive been running this set up all month.
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    NikoBravo said:

    Just curious , how much does inequity and resonate help with reduced block damage? Is it noticable in long fights when the champs don’t have regen of any sort

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