Is Hulk a good choiceo for LoL?

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Is Hulk a good choice for LoL? Worth to rank up?


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    Tough decision
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    Sorry , I think I should start with a poll instead
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    Depends, his damage output as a 5 star rank4 is good enough for the first path only if he is awakened and he is a great rank 4 option even if you aren't doing LOL. If you aren't very good at intercepting yet do not use hulk because when you use specials his stuns will eat up your parries. Also change your mastery set up before you go into labyrinth to max out the fury potency and length masteries.
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    I thought so awaken hulk really wreck the opponent the lower the health the higher damage he did my r4 4* hulk do 18k damage at sp2 so i could say yeah he could be better choice although i dont try lol still but according to his damage output yeah try him on rulk and miss marvel you will know.and about interception you need to learn about it and as sungj say he will eat your parry actually parry does worth on lol opponent reduced down the stun time when you stun them so basically parry does not matter on i would say first try him on red hulk and miss marvel(forget who is second opponent after rulk whoever it is just try hulk on first 2 opponent you will get to know yourself)
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    Is Hulk a good choice for LoL? Worth to rank up?

    Science champs are difficult for the Maestro fight because he's de-buff immune versus science class....So no parry, stun, or de-buffs period....
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