Mister sinister awakening?

Finally, after cyclops, magneto and double storms, i got a 5star mister sinister. I am able to take him to rank 4, and maybe rank 5 too at the future. The question is, do i use my mutant awakening gem on him? If I do awaken him, i can take him to at least sig level 100. I plan on using him offensively.
Drawback: my phone can't really handle his special 2 and special 3 animations, meaning there is a bit of lag while playing the champion. That doesn't really cause major problems though.

Mister sinister awakening? 13 votes

Use that 5star mutant awakening gem
MeebletonChainslayerJollyman 3 votes
Wait for omega red, havok etc...
SharkPowerr99Djackz_1FhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamamrcyrcleMother_FlerkenFreeToPlay_21TheSaith 8 votes
Mate he isn't even worth rank 4 offensively
Spity68Lvernon15 2 votes
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