Suggestion : Dual Classes (Long Post Warning)

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I was surfing through my television channels today and I came across a Pokemon episode (the nostalgia hit me hard). I noticed that some of the Pokemon have more than one type because their abilities don't fit into a single one.

Since the game is expanding like crazy, I thought about this and I think this will help a lot of people, here goes!

Champions who can be placed into more than one classes, can be given both of those. For example :-

1. Ghost (Tech/Science) - Ghost got her powers from a Quantum explosion (science) and she wears a tech suit which helps her control her powers.

2. Blade (Mystic/Skill) - He's skilled and has trained himself to a level where he can compete with superheroes, but what makes him special is his vampiric abilities (mystic).

3. Warlock (Mutant/Tech) - Warlock isn't organic, so he should be placed in the tech class, but for his people, he's a mutant. He can be both.

There can be a lot of examples, these were just a few. Here are some benefits of this idea :-

--> Class gates have started to become a thorn in the side of players. Getting good usable champions is not in the hands of the player. Giving champions multiple classes will diversify the rosters of players immensely and will help them get through all sorts of gates.

--> There are a lot of complaints about players pulling awakening gems and signature stones of the class they didn't want. If champions have more than one classes, the chances of the players pulling something they don't like will go down almost exponentially. For example, if I pull a Mystic gem and I don't have any pure mystic champions who are worthy of it, I can use it on someone like Blade and not regret my life.

--> T4CC, and even T5CC for that matter, will not go to waste as much as it goes now. Multiple classes will allow us summoners to have a wider range of champions to choose from.

Since this will be a bit too good. The class relationships will also have to change. So to balance out things a bit. If any of the two classes of the hybrid champion (say Blade) are in a class disadvantage, the other class relationship won't matter. To simplify this - For example Blade (Mystic/Skill) goes up again Classic Spidey (Science). Since his Mystic part is at a disadvantage, the other class would be considered irrelevant in cases like these.

Not every champion should have two classes. Maybe like 25-30 champions will be more than enough. Thoughts?


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    K00shMaanK00shMaan Posts: 1,289 ★★★★
    I agree with you in the sense that it would add a ton more depth to the matchups and fighting experience of the game. I think the major issue with implementing it now is the effect that it would have on balance and the colossal outcry that there would be for rank down tickets that this would cause. It's a bit of a shame because this idea must have been tossed around in some capacity ( Karnak and Unstoppable Colossus using multiple classes for ranking up). Unfortunately, I think we may have gone too far without this for it to be added now.
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