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Summers Sigil Solo Event - Need more point options

I would suggest besides giving points for energy, also include some points for KOing champs while burning energy as well as Opening non hero crystals. Right now points seems heavily tied to rank ups and opening hero crystals. Higher level players may not have many ranks to do every week. As a player with all 1-3* max, all 4* at r3 and nearly all 5* at r3 I am mainly waiting for a new champ to rank up outside of the occasional r4/r5. I don’t plan to r 4/5* any higher than r3 for need those materials elsewhere and 4*s have no value at my level except for synergies outside of Act VI. Not every week do a grind a lot of arena so that just leave crystal openings which don’t always get a ton in one week.

For someone who logs on daily, burns all their quest energy usually daily with only some rotting during sleep it just feels you are pushing me to do more arena which ultimately make me see the value of the sigil being even less if I can’t get milestones without grinding arena despite being an “active” player

Other point options - defeating defenders in AQ/AW/Dungeons. Reward those who spend fair amount playing but don’t push them to do more such that you burn them out
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