Things we would like to see in the black iso market

I know Sigil hasn't been out for long but I have some things I would love to see in the black iso market. Feel free to share your thoughts on what you would like to see and maybe Kabam will listen and eventually include someone's suggestions.

1. Trade in Golden Crystals and/or Greater Golden Crystals for Goldpool Crystals
2. Trade in Quest Crystals for something....maybe 100 of them for a 2* generic max sig crystal. This is just one crazy suggestion mainly because I have over 600 quest crystals with no way to likely ever use them. honestly i brought up the 2* max sig crystal only because new champs come quicker than I can max sig my 2s champs....yes its something i like to do even though they don't mean much else anymore. To give you an idea I have 4715 current 2* sigs and need 7363 2* sigs and that's just the 2* champs I have (I keep a spreadsheet i'm an analytics guy apparently).
3. Trade in the 40% and 50% XP boosts for gold boosts. I'm just talking 5% and 10% temporary boosts. if you dont want people abusing them and just opening a bunch of stuff at once limit the kind of things these boosts can be used on or the amount of gold you can get per boost
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