8mil 5x5 AQ, tier3 war alliance looking for active player; 5+ 4*50+ req

We're a stable active alliance that continuously grows (we were 350k with 25 people in Feb of 2016). We enjoy war and focus there primarily but we also run 5x5 weekly and clear all maps. Prestige is 4250 and we get 90mil rewards in AQ.

We're all adults and don't have any drama nor will we put up with any. Expect each player to be active and able to join at the beginning of AQ and show up at the end when needed, but we understand people have jobs/lives and we can make adjustments when needed.

New players should have 5+ 4*50+ champs, a solid war defense and be able to solo all lanes of map 5 throughout the week. Bosskillers are a plus, but not necessary as we have plenty already.

Message me in line or in game if you have any questions.

Line: crackhorse
Game: crack horse


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