A Sabretooth Breakdown

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It's no secret to my friends that my favorite champ is ST. One of them pulled him as a *5 and asked if I could do a run down on him.

I figured I would post it here incase there are any new ST players out there or someone who wants to understand him better. Feel free to add anything you think I skipped.

Just click the spoiler tag.


First things first, he doesn't differ from his dupe. His dupe gives him extra sustainability.

Secondly, the main thing is focusing on converting furies.

He has different types of conversions and furies.

1) persistent charges - these furies are mid-line. They provide an ok boost to attack but their main purpose is to activate passive furies from previous fights.

2) Hit furies- these furies are the second strongest and will be the most common. You activate them by receiving 5 hits in a row or dealing 10 hits in a row. These are the ones you want to convert from active to passive.

3) sp2 fury - this is the weakest fury but it's an auto conversation when you activate sp2.

4) sp3 fury - this is the strongest fury and is almost 100% impossible to convert due to its short life.

5) synergy fury - this fury cannot be converted but it can be a carry over (more on that in a minute).

Now, converstions... you can convert active furies (hit fury and sp3 fury) into passive furies by either activating sp1 or dashing back and idling for 1 second. Obviously, sp1 is the best way to convert.

As aforementioned, sp2 has an automatic passive fury conversion; however, it DOES NOT convert any active fury.

You can only convert 5 furies in a single match for a maximum of 15. Once you have 15 passive furies, you CANNOT gain a passive fury by conversion.

Carry overs - these are the "secret" conversions. Any active fury at the end of the match is automatically converted to a passive fury... with no limit.

This means, carry overs can break the maximum amount of passive furies.

A synergy fury is automatically carried over.

An sp3 that kills an opponent is automatically carried over.

Any hit fury that's active is carried over.

This means you could potentially gain 8 passive furies in one match if done correctly.

His maximum limit of furies is 30... however, getting this many is completely impractical.

For his rotation I do MLLL, MLLLM (9 hits), MLLLMsp1, MM, MLLLMsp1. This rotation will usually grant you enough power to convert 2 furies to passive. After that, it's managing your combo meter and power meter to gauge whether or not you can convert using sp1, get an auto fury from sp2 or kill them and get carry overs.

The total amount of passive furies you can get before they reset is dependent on your persistent fury count. Remember, these are what bring your passive furies into the next fight.

I've done extensive testing on the RNG of the persistent furies and their RNG is this:

50% - 3
30% - 4
15% - 5
5% - 6

Once ST reaches 0 persistent furies, he starts the fight with 3-6 persistent furies and loses all previous passive furies.

This is pretty much the gist. Let me know if you have more questions.[/spoiler]


  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 343
    I got him a week ago and didnt know you could convert the "big" fury from the SP3 while killing them. Thx ✌🏻
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    Thanks for the write-up @Aryl , insightful and helpful.

    I pulled him as a 5* the other day, while having him for quite some time as a 4/40 duped. One "problem" is that I see with ST, is that you either you have to get hit to build furies (and noone wants that!) or to play perfectly and keep your combos (which I manage to do). But if you do, you tend to end most fights much too quickly, so you end up not having enough time to build more than 2-3 furies per fight. Now if the persistent charges RNG has been unfavourable to you and has given you only 3-4 fights to carry over furies, you end up going to the boss with not enough charges to make the impact you would with 15 furies, let's say. So, ST is RNG-dependant.

    That being said, he is definitely fun to play with, very well-designed and the one of the best Masochism counters in the game, with KM synergy. Certainly worth investing into.
  • WoozieWoozie Posts: 363
    He is a great quester don't get me wrong, but when you say your favourite champ do you define that as also being the one you think is currently best?
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,414 ★★★

    Pretty good write up. It's unfortunate that his persistent charges are most often a 3. Really wish it was truly random.

    Whoever disagreed with this. I hope you see this and know you're wrong..
  • OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 446 ★★★
    Aryl said:

    It's no secret to my friends that my favorite champ is ST.

    I'm with you there, recently I've been having so much fun running him with my 6* OR for quests when my champs are occupied in AW and AQ. I can't fully explain why, but love how slick his animations and his overall playstyle feels.

    Great writeup, I think it's a really comprehensive overview of Sabertooth for players who might not be familiar with his mechanics.

    One question - do you know if his 40% attack bleeds (OR synergy) scale with just his base attack rating or with his fury-modified attack rating? I always mean to test and check myself but I'm quite bad at accurately catching the numbers mid-fight haha
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 1,465 ★★★
    ẞlооd said:

    Pretty good write up. It's unfortunate that his persistent charges are most often a 3. Really wish it was truly random.

    Whoever disagreed with this. I hope you see this and know you're wrong..
    @ẞlood (cool name btw) I know I'm a little late to the party here, but apparently they did, cause the dislike was gone. So I disliked it. Now your comment may stand. Your welcome.
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