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Some nodes should NOT be in the Labs Events

Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 877 ★★★
So we're 2 days in to the new month. And while the Sinister Labs are interesting as a concept, I really feel like they need a LOT more fine-tuning.
They're the worst kind of non-repetitive. You never know what you're going to face (to any degree), and that means that unless you have a good mutant and a LOT of spare Sense boosts, or a ton of Randomisers (I straight up used around 20 just so I could get master done 100% today), you just are NOT going to be able to be prepared for what you go up against.
And there are some horrible nodes that I really think should be removed from the list of randomised nodes.
- Slashed Tires and Thorns. These are just horrible nodes that immediately take health away from you for things that are really just inevitable. If it was a smaller amount of damage for each time you activated the Dexterity mastery in the case of Slashed Tires, I could understand that. But for just dashing back? Or hitting the opponent (which btw if you didn't know that's how you defeat people)? That's punishing in a way that just isn't fair. (and not to mention that it works off of effective attack, not base attack... yeah slumber + slashed tires is not fun)
- Micro Reflect. I can somewhat understand putting Particle Protector in. But Micro-Reflect is unavoidable damage.
- Safeguard and Prove Yourself. These nodes just unnecessarily elongate the fight, to a ridiculous degree in some cases.
- Aspect of War. It's a poorly designed node to begin with, and nobody enjoys extended Unblockable fights. Also please remove Brawl, or make it so that the defender deals like 25% of normal damage and can't inflict debuffs when those passives are active. I understand that it looks funny, but it's just way too much Unstoppable.
- Starburst. Again, another node that deals unavoidable damage.

I do like the whole labs thing as a concept; I really do. But it's just too random. We already have enough RNG-controlled stuff already in the game; we don't need an entire event that revolves around it.


  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 229
    edited September 2019
    This was by far the worst event I've played since I first started the game (about 10m).

    All that you said above +

    1) Super time-consuming and way too long: 12 fights p/level. Thus assuming you are someone that want all the rewards and do all levels, we're talking 48 fights p/day. And, just for this single part of the content. Even Master+Epic only would be 24. That's just too much for a single piece of EXTRA content.

    2) Not only incredible difficult and left to the RNG Gods, but you also waste a hell lot of time (if you are not a node-expert) reading all those novels and possible combos.

    3) Rewards not worth it.

    As you mention, I do like the concept, they do make you think a bit and it's not only about cheesing through content. However, really needs to be refined. I just started to miss one or two events... then at some point I just stopped carrying.
  • LormifLormif Posts: 6,690 ★★★★★


    I had 1% regeneration and safeguard against sentinel

    This combination shouldnt be there

    Or a bleed invulnerability against morningstar

    that is why they make randomizers.
  • As someone else stated in a related thread, the labs is like doing homework, it is in no way funny to play
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