How to use sigil fund to better the game, business suggestions that this game is following the subscription path to play the game, the game mechanics and operation should improve. I feel as well as the community, there needs to be an upgrade to the server system and connection platforms. There is no reason that we should have disconnection issues in game modes such as aq, aw and arena. Not to mention opening crystals and level ups. Kabam has blamed our Internet connection forever, but amazingly we have no issues on any other program, app, or device working from the same connection except for MCOC.

I hope that this won't be taken down, but to be used as an avenue to listen to the community for how we want the game to operate to better the game for Kabam and the consumer base.


  • RunamokUSARunamokUSA Posts: 235 ★★
    You think all of a sudden Kabam is got gobs of money because of the Sigil?it just a simple $10 offer that someone has the option to get each month? Lol, people act like now everyone has to pay to play the game. I am sure lots took the offer as it seems to be a decent value in trade for my $10. It is JUST another offer that I can count on being available to me each month. They have offers that roll out every other day also and this is not really different?
  • LormifLormif Posts: 3,159 ★★★★
    not had any connection issues for a couple months.
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 1,664 ★★★
    They can buy more hamsters to run the servers :)
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 558 ★★★
    Its always nice to see someone willing to tell others how to spend the money they make. Hopefully they use it to give @Kabam Miike a raise. Lol
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 4,853 ★★★★★
    "Now that this game is following the subscription path..." LOL I must have missed the memo. Still FTP.
  • MiStaLovaMiStaLova Posts: 272
    Mlinons $$$$ per Day kabam shame!!! Buy Best servers noobs
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