Who's better for a legends run

Ok so i know these options may not be the best for a legends run considering sparky corvus domino and so on, but who of these two is considered better (with suicides of course) to do a legends run and have a higher chance at getting the title

Who's better for a legends run 28 votes

Medusa 5/65 (Sig 40)
RAGEatGAMESyndicatedDuke_SilverhiddenblizzardCoachLedLordNeoX_Factor_AgentArsozPeaRatBabyMiikeThekingslayer 11 votes
Omega Red 5/65 (Sig 20)
StingerbkNewman0067viniixxxKyojinxxMC2707Dreadpool_XF8EtjamaDead1mrcyrcleBlackshadow0203LethalProtectorÆgon0710Thicco_ModeMasterChief1176Ctfz35AshKetchumMeshu43 17 votes


  • hiddenblizzardhiddenblizzard Posts: 494 ★★
    Medusa 5/65 (Sig 40)
    I did vote for OR
  • KinkyWizard1KinkyWizard1 Posts: 1,284 ★★★
    Do you have Karnak and Black Bolt? Nick Fury? Sabertooth?

    It’s feasible you could run both. They may be able to do it.
  • Mlynek11Mlynek11 Posts: 1
    what cut off for this month ???
  • MikeyBoi69MikeyBoi69 Posts: 61
    With namor, cull, corvus, ghost and new cap marvel i dont think you'll be able to be competitive with those champs
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