Gold 1 Alliance Looking to Replace a Few Players

We are a Gold 1 alliance who has never fallen out of Gold 1. We currently run 5x5 for AQ, but that is mainly because we do not have the players we need to run map 6 once or twice a week. We have quite a few weak links that need to be replaced so we are comfortable with groups as long as they are willing to "go with flow" and aren't trying to take over. We're a laid back bunch but we expect everyone to hold themselves accountable. We understand mistakes happen and life can get hectic, but we expect activity and consistency. If you cannot give those then this is not the alliance for you.

You and your roster should be good enough that you can finish AQ and AW and have a defense for AW that consists of rank 3 5*s or above. We are trying to eventually progress to Plat 3, but we no longer have the players to do that, so if you think our alliance is for you hit me on Line, in-game, or in this thread.

Line: magoo1221
In-game: Magoo1221


  • Magoo12218Magoo12218 Posts: 10
    Still looking for anyone that fits the description above and is active and interested.
  • Magoo12218Magoo12218 Posts: 10
    Still looking for good players.
  • Magoo12218Magoo12218 Posts: 10
    Still in the market for a few good players.
  • Magoo12218Magoo12218 Posts: 10
    Guess what, yep, still looking. I guess I should have put this in my main post, but have at least one, preferably two, rank 5 5*s or better. My fault for not mentioning that before.
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