Create a setting to adjust the location of your special attack button.

One thing really annoys me since I switched to the latest iPad Pro a couple of months ago... The placement of the special button in the left bottom corner really is in an uncomfortable and unpractical position. Before with my previous iPad models and phones I sometimes slipped up and performed a special attack by accident, however with the new design and small bezel of the new model, when you hold your device your thumb is exactly on the spot were also the special button is located and a lot of times when I want to evade via Dexterity I perform special attacks unintended.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is having this problem and that’s why I have a suggestion to improve the game... Can you please consider to make a setting that gives you the option to adjust the location of the special attack button a bit? A setting that lets you control the position horizontally and vertically?

That would be awesome and a great improvement to the game.


  • AbarttoirAbarttoir Posts: 21
    PS: Or an option to alter the size of the special bar would be amazing too. @Kabam developers: Please see for yourself and try to hold an iPad Pro 12.9” without firing off specials by mistake all the time. Really is annoying; please give us some control over this. Thx in advance.
  • Thanks for the feedback! We'll pass it along to the rest of the team.
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