Who to upgrade & awaken

I recently made a poll about who to awaken, from there Corvus & medusa got the max votes for awakening them. I maxed out Corvus. Now I got some good 4* champs i.e. hulk rags, archangel, modok, starky, havok, massacre, spidergwen, gamora, she hulk, luke, venom, voodoo, vtd. So i need your suggestions to who to max out next & probably awaken (will have 2 ag, 1 each from calender & act4 exploration). also corvus, capiw, medusa are also in the list for awakening.

I have ss, capiw, corvus, gwenpool, void, korg as maxout 4* and hype as 5* r4, omega & darkhwak as 5* r3. recently completed act 5.2.

So tell me who to maxout & who to awaken to diversify my roster. no plan about act6 now, I am trying to complete monthly uc eq and act5 completion and rol atm.

Thanks in advance.


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 647 ★★
    I'd max out Sparky, but he's a beast with or without being awakened. I'd use the gems on CAIW and your choice between Corvus and Medusa as they're already maxed out.
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