Owtlz Outlaws LF Members

Looking for a few active members that want to run AQ with War. (2 BG Wars right now til we fill up with quality members.)

We run mostly Map 4 and are working towards running more Map 5 in 2 BGs. The third BG is map 3 right now. We are making progress to push BG 3 to Map 4.

Donations are low. Just enough to keep up with Map 5. Also there are no event minimums. We just ask that you join AQ/War timely and communicate.

We have a solid core of guys that have been playing together for a long time. We are trying to add a couple of new members that want to be active and have fun and get better but also care about the folks the game with.

Line App required for communication

Line ID sactown_raider
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