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There are 2 kinds of storms that most of humanity deals with: rain and snow storms. Storm should be using these 2 kinds of storms, to give her a bit more Utility.

Storm can keep her Special 2 animation, but I have an idea to change the animations for Special 1 and Special 3, while also adding an extra ability for all her Specials.

Special 1: Storm whips up an intense Snow Storm, that inflicts X Frost Bites. If the opponent is under the Moist Buff, the opponent is inflicted with X extra Frost Bites.

Special 2: Shoots a strong bolt of lightning at her opponent, and rain starts spread around the battle, applying Shock, Stun, and a non damaging "Moist" Buff, that expires after X seconds (Iceman shrugs off the "Moist" Buff). If This Special Attack strikes the opponent while under the "Moist" Buff, X more Special Damage is dealt, and increases the duration of Shock.

Special 3: Storm unleashes a Blizzard that puts her opponent to their wall, until they are in a block of ice, and then she creates a lightning storm and shoots a bolt of lightning at her opponent, breaking them out of the ice, applying Shock, Stun, and X Frost Bites


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    Yeah they really dropped the ball with her, only lighting attacks? She could have been so cool, maybe they could bring out a 90s version of Storm. She could have an ice or snow Special (with an effect similar to cold snap), a lighting special and a a 3rd special could be a gust and rain attack with armor break and stun or concussion debuffs applied and your moist buff idea added to it.
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    Yeah, I have a 4* 4/40 at Sig 99, one of my first's. If they gave her more utility and variety I would definitely max her out.
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    3rd special, Tornado!!
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