Make Alliance Quests more flexible time-wise

The Alliance Quest format is as follows:

Starts at 19:00 UTC (a) for 120 hours (5 days), in which alliances have the time to start a quest up to five (c) times, each time for 24 (b) hours, or until the 5 days end. Afterwards there are 72 hours in which no alliance quests are happening.

Here is where the problem arises:

The harder Alliance Quest maps (5-7) generally require more than 16 hours to finish. This is however quite a bare minimum and it frequently takes more because of sleep times and such. In order to finish map 5 or 6 five times (the maximum possible and what most alliances try to do), you need to start the first quest as soon as possible. Once this is done, you try to start the next one as soon as possible. Rinse and repeat. All of this to maximize the rewards the alliance earns at the end of the 5 day cycle.

At the moment, (a) means that Summoners from Asian time zones start it late evening or even very early morning (between 10 PM and 4 AM). This goes against most people's usual biological clocks.
In my case, I'd like to participate in both an active map 5-6 alliance, and be able to go on early morning runs after a good night's sleep.

I suggest:

1. Make (a) variable - let us choose at what time we start the 5 day cycle. Perhaps restrict us between 12:00 UTC and 24:00 UTC or something similar.
2. Make (b) variable. Perhaps allow us to finish a quest before the 24 hours are over (keep it a 18-20 hour minimum or so). Thus allowing us to start the next one earlier. Keep (c) as it is - only five quests each cycle.
3. Maybe only one of these is needed to mitigate the problem that I and others see here.

I see this suggestion as beneficial to Summoners from Asia and perhaps other areas of the world. It should also help Summoners from different parts of the world join forces together in alliances, choosing the best time to start the Alliance Quest that works for all of them, those from the west and those from the east. This could increase engagement and enjoyment of Summoners from all over the world.
There are probably downsides to this suggestion, but please discuss it.
Thank you,


  • Masquerade1981Masquerade1981 Posts: 112
    I 2nd this being a problem. We recruit for Map 5 and 6 and limit recruiting to US time zones only because of this. Seems like a combination of your solutions would do the trick. Let Alliances complete 5 AQs within 7 days at whatever time/speed they want.
  • just thought the same thing.
    but they can also just change the timer to be every 30 minutes and/or add to the energy to be 7.
    for wars 5 energy is enough to finish in 10 hours or a little more.
    but the quests takes a lot of time and they need to be adjusted.
    we are already spending enough time in the game so changing the quests to be less problematic, time wise, should be their next big and user friendly change to the game
  • TheTalentsTheTalents Posts: 192 ★★
    30 min timers. Problem solved just that easy.
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