Gauging Rank Up Options - Act 5 & 6 Usefulness

My play time in the game has gone WAY down and I'm not partaking in high-tier Alliance Quests or War - so high-end resources are now at an absolute premium.

I currently have 5 4/55 Champs (Hyperion*, Corvus, Gulk, Ghost Rider & Sentinel) and 2 1/25 6* Champs (Psylocke & Hawkeye)

What I'm really looking for in my next rank ups is for a champ who's really going to fill a niche that I don't currently have covered, or who is going to significantly improve my current capabilities - including possibly AWD.

Current 3/45 5* Champs are: Gwenpool*, Carnage*, Proxima Midnight, Nightcrawler*, Sabretooth, IW Iron Man, Archangel, Ghost, Angela, Void, X-23 & Ultron.

(* = Awakened)

There are a bunch of lower ranked 5* but I don't really think any are worth ranking up - Voodoo I will once he's awakened but goodness knows how far away that'll be :smile:

I don't yet have the resources to take any 4/55 up to 5/65 but I can take one 3/45 up to 4/55 which is where I think my next step should be - I'm thinking best options would be Gwenpool, AA-Ron, IWIM, Void, or Ghost. Or am I better off holding on for a while to see if I either pull a better 5* or awaken someone specific?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I'm Uncollected but haven't really progressed any further in Act 5 since then - I'm far too inconsistent in difficult content and keep dying :smiley: but that's realistically my next step - that and maybe going back to exploring Uncollected which I stopped doing.
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