EXCOM is Recruiting!

Run by MCOC endgame vets, EXCOM is a sister alliance to SURGE, a Platinum 1 top 50 AQ alliance. We’re looking for the best players and teammates, who want endgame resources without the burnout.


AQ - Map 66666, top 250 rank
AW - Plat 4 to Gold 1 (semi-relaxed war with structure)
Alliance Prestige: 9K seeking 9.5-10K
Donations: 290K Gold, 30K BC, 21K Loyalty

Our leadership team has been around the game/worked together for a long time. We put in the work, and we know what it takes to accomplish our goals. We keep the team’s best interest in mind at all times. If that’s what you’re looking for, send me a message to user ID omegaccr on the Line app.
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