Becoming uncollected

Hi everyone, I am halfway through exploring act 4 and I plan to start act 5 straight away. What champs from my roster would help me the most? Or maybe what I have upgraded will be good? Cheers!


  • WalterdoWalterdo Posts: 3
    First off, your cosmic 5 star luck is damn good. Medusa and Angela will be good, definitely 4/55 Medusa when you’re done with act 4
  • WalterdoWalterdo Posts: 3
    Next I’d recommend iceman or Emma Frost because they have useful immunities and ghost if you can learn how to use her. Then heimdall for cheat death and you should be just about ready
  • adolfiehintleradolfiehintler Posts: 7
    I am now learning how to play ghost and she fits me very well. What would you pick from Iceman or Emma? Cause they are both great with their abilities but Emma switches forms which can be pain in the butt sometimes but iceman does not deal ridicolous dmg from sp2 as she does. I pulled 4* blade just a moment ago will he be any good?
  • adolfiehintleradolfiehintler Posts: 7
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 1,857 ★★★
    I’d try to max quake and ghost if you’re good with them, but I think your current roster is good enough for at least a first clear of act 5
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