Awaken 4* Blade or Omega Red

Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 579 ★★
So for me this is a big decision. Recently, I reached Uncollected and despite having a Rank 4 5* Ghost, I still had to use a lot of units for Revives and Heals. I'm leaning towards Blade because my skill is not the best, and he may save me a lot of units but then again people are telling me Omega Red is a better option as whilst he may not heal as much he hits like a truck and you can just play the fight passively whilst the enemy takes damage from his radiation over time. Who do you guys think I should awaken?

Awaken 4* Blade or Omega Red 6 votes

Omega Red
ZENFhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaSuman_sahAJapam12345GeK 6 votes
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