4* Basic Arena Efficient Grind (for arena grinders out there)

Hi guys,

Sorry for the novel here but hopefully you can help. I'm a progressive player with a mixed roster of 5*'s and 4*'s and I'm looking into strategies, and the "ideal" roster to have to save up some of my grind time but still collect the same rewards.

At the moment I can build up a streak in this arena easily. Once there I have 60 4* usable champs (>R2). However, this grind is very time consuming and unfortunately I can't commit to this anymore. Although I have 60 champs, currently I play with 5xR5 and 11xR4 = 15 4* champs. I.e.: I log in, 5 fights, logout, 2 or more late, rinse and repeat. Although I have several playable R2/R3, they just give you back so little points for the time spent fighting with them. I find it more efficient (but might be wrong) and less exhausting, to login in several times p/day and play my R4's/R5's rather than login less but play for longer with the whole R2/R3/R4/R5 team

With the above in mind, my goal is to still have a life outside the game and a) Still keep doing all milestones (150M) as quicker possible, but often I dob) go for the champs (The ones I don't have and even old ones for the 5*shards - I keep an eye on cutoffs). Few questions:
  1. 1. How many arena playable 4*s you have on your rosters when you grind this arena?
  2. 2. With 1. in mind, how many points can you achieve in one single run (no cool down)?
  3. 3. Is there a "magic number" of champs I should be aiming for? (note that 4*s R4 don't have a place in any other game content on my account and Arenas would be the only purpose)
  4. 4. Do you think is more wise to just spend more time with lower ranked R2/R3's and save resource VS Rank up to R4 and save some time but loose the 4tbc? How about in a longer-term?

Note: My R4/R5 4*s have also utility/a place in 4* 5* featured arenas since I'm able to use them once I build the streak (as long as my team is in total >12KPI wich most my R4 4*s fit). While you might question that in those arenas 4*s are not efficient (I agree) I'm keen to use them for now instead of 5*s because a) rank them up quicker and b) 4*s up to R4 doesn't require 4TCC which is a resource I need to save for my 5*s (my arena 5*s go up to level 2 - no 4tcc). So what I'm trying to highlight on this note, is that although this post is specific for the 4* basic arena, I'm looking at it as a longer term strategy as well on a later thinking these champs will still be usable/useful when I have a more solid 5* roster and I'm grinding the 4*/5* featured champs instead. .

Sorry for the long post, if you read this far please drop some thoughts on this would be amazing as I'm chickening out here and struggling to make a decision of whether to waste resource.

Thanks a lot in advance ;)


  • Bigg_DoggBigg_Dogg Posts: 21
    Tldr: get 15 maxed out 4 stars.
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 73
    edited August 16
    Thanks @Bigg_Dogg I guess that's a no brainer, the more maxed out 4*s the better. I was hopping to understand how fast you can grind all milestones with that set up? Also.. not sure if you read, but I didn't want to use 4tcc hence the R4 conversation instead and questioning hoe many I'd need to get the same results.
  • Wubbie075Wubbie075 Posts: 192
    tldr stands for "too long, didn't read" so no he didn't read it.
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 73
    edited August 16
    Gotcha.. thanks @Wubbie075 that's new to me.

    Wondering why comment at all and wasting mine/his time. I did gave a heads up in the beginning of the post to alert it was long thus not for everyone/the impatient folks. I just think detail although boring/long is more likely help others in similar situation and avoid questions back and forth for full context.

    It's sort of frustrating to be a non-English native speaker and make all this effort/detail , only to get this sort of feedback. Was just hoping to get something more substantial. Yay MCOC community! But hey, it is what it is, I should know better... Internet... forums.... people... and the XXI century impatient culture. I'll figure out by myself :)

    Cheers and thanks
  • Dfs01Dfs01 Posts: 4
    I'm in same boat as yourself don't even bother with R3 4*. And it would be a waste to max 4* just for arena. I just do little and often, that's usually enough to get to about 1.6 mill just for the shards, but if not, rewards usually ok when over a mill.
    Also grind 5* just to 1 mill also for shards. But that's a doddle at 25-30k per fight.
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