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Looking for UK ally

Need a new UK ally. Need to be an officer as well if possible

Im rank 56 and 180K. Active daily. I am NOT a boss killer, though I try! I do my part and contribute to everything. Try to improve my war teams all the time, dont really grind. Dont use line unless I really have to, but always chatting ingame

In a great ally now, hate to leave, but most are US based so feel like I am letting them down on AW as when I join most is done already!


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    ghunt11ghunt11 Posts: 67
    we are a mix of mainly UK players and then 7-9 US players but all US players go in 1 bg.. we are 5 short of 3 full bgs at the moment. We do insist on line though as all game chat and strategic communication is done on line.

    AS15 look us up, currently tier 7 in war and also map 4 aq until we have enough players for 3 bgs to run map 5. some donations required for map 4

    my id is ghunt11
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    SakkbanSakkban Posts: 96
    We are a mixed alliance, we have 2 US battle groups and 1 full of people from Europe. We can't make you an office from the beginning, you will need to prove your worth first. Also, we require line.
    If you are interested contact me in line - Sakkban
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    Hi Dave. We're a U.K. based alliance. We need more strong players like you. Have a look at SWAVAV in game and make an application. If you like a bit of banter and hi jinx gives us a shout.
    Cheers mate.
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    Dave_the_destroyerDave_the_destroyer Posts: 981 ★★
    Speedbump wrote: »
    Why do you "need" do be an officer? lol

    Hate not being able to start wars and quests when needed, like geeing up the troops, and like to play around on nodes in war and learn which is best for each champ
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    ÆlfricÆlfric Posts: 3
    Hi Dave, I'm building a team. Need officers. From the uk. Look up PXFB if interested in helping me run a team.
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    Speedbump wrote: »
    Why do you "need" do be an officer? lol

    Because he is a power hungry troll that does nothing bit randomly stalks and talks down to people thinking he knows everything despite being rather weak. Just go to his posts, u will see what I mean. Anyone who makes this guy an officer, heck anyone even who just let's him into their alliance is just asking for nonstop drama and failure.
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