Request: Let players have one Infinity Stone for the OG Avengers

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First, hear me out: This would obviously require downward scaling to acceptable performance levels in the game. I am not, repeat not, advocating or requesting for game-breaking performance.

But the recent event in which OG Captain America, OG Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk were all powered by Infinity Stones was one of the most fun events in years, to me, because of how it positively impacted playing the OG Avengers -- you see what buff packages to the characters could look like, and it was fun.

Again: I get it: Nobody wants OP characters running around, so whatever downward scaling needs to take place, so be it.

But I think it would truly be fun to give the player base the opportunity to select one Infinity Stone of the six available. In essence, you pick the character you want to buff.

All of them are available as 5-stars now, though obviously, Thor and Black Widow are more limited in availability. But that's actually part of the allure -- if you're rocking a 5-star OG Thor, for example, you could double down by selecting to augment him with an Infinity Stone.

The reason I suggest this is because of all the things I want this game to have the most, it's character diversity that the players can embrace.

All games have characters that are stronger and weaker. It's always going to be that way -- the source material itself is that way.

But in a progression based game, it feels stifling to feel the need to use the same characters over and over to solve problems. Forced diversity is never a good answer, like gates or class restrictions, because then it limits players who might not have acquired better characters from the class.

I think it would be fun to let the players choose one of the Infinity Stones, using the mechanic already created for choosing class-based offers. You choose one, the mechanic disappears.

As always, I view this game through the lens of "fun." Those Infinity Stones breathed new life into the OG Avengers.

It's a shame if they never see light again, because they were good buff packages for the characters and the work is already done


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    Mabey one day there will be a boost that gives you the power of an infinity stone
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