Sinister labs - reroll bug

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Something I've noticed a few times in Sinister labs ..

In Master difficulty, we're supposed to get 2 buffs .. occasionally, we get 3 .. when that happens, 2 of them are always: Particle Protector and Micro-reflect.

In some ways, this makes sense ... to try to tie them together ..

(that's not the issue ... )

However, when I reroll, it only rerolls 2 of them .. and Particle Protector always sticks around ..

If I'm rerolling, they should all reroll ... if those 2 are "tied together" .. they should go away together as well ..


  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 157
    try to exit the pre-fight screen after re-rolling the buffs and then click again on the champ, i've found that sometimes the buff list is showing you a buff that isn't effectively there: basically is a visual problem, but it took me four randomizers before understanding it ^^"
  • ezgoingezgoing Posts: 216
    I noticed this too. Psrticle protector can exist by itself, but micro reflect will always come with particle protector. If you reroll, and still see particle protector, it might be a visual bug. I have seen 4 buffs, then I exit the fight screen and it became 3. I am pretty sure it was particle protector which was the 4th buff that disappeared, but need to confirm.
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