This may be the luckiest story ever

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So I was playing on my alt account, and and i just finished farming polar opposites basic for units. I was opening a premium crystal BUT I accidentally pressed "Buy More". I was saving for masteries and I wasted 70 units! (PS: They should make an "Are you sure?" tab when you buy a crystal, so the thing that happened to me doesnt happen to others) I thought to myself "Oh well, I might as well open those two crystals" I opened the first one, got a trash 2 star. Then I opened the one i bought by accident and:


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    Saved! Congrats
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    Ahitlaw said:

    Saved! Congrats

    Thanks! This is my 6th 4 star from premium crystals (including my main)!
  • Dude I bought 10 prems early 2017 back in the day and got gwenpool on 10th as a four star. Id gladly pay 1k units for her - especially when she, voodoo, sl were the best champs in the game
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