New type of synergy suggestion

Just sending a quick design suggestion for future champ synergies. When the most recent variant came out with the sentinel buffs for the nodes, it got me thinking about how much I loved the old 90s cartoons and mutants trashing mobs of sentinels. I then thought how it would have been kind of cool for sentinel in mcoc to have a synergy with other star copies of sentinels - the idea is they are even more dangerous in numbers, but it doesn't seem realistic at the moment since that champ is in a decent spot in the game. However, I still think the idea is cool/has potential, so I am sharing it.

A case example I could think of is multiple man. Maybe each star copy gives some kind of set bonus to the others, with the overall benefit being better the higher the star rating between 3-6 or 4-6. Or maybe if you get a set of 3 or something. Just something different to shake up how synergies work a bit. Could make it a really positive bonus for most content but not totally ruining the char for star locked content either. Thanks for reading my suggestion : ) .
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