Any plans to switch out phc shards for gmc shards for rewards?

I was curious about if there were any plans to change all rewards that give premium hero crystal shards out for grandmaster crystal shards for everyone who's uncollected or above? I've noticed that there has been more tier specific offers, like July 4th, and tier specific quest & rewards, like the gold quest with the free trial of the sigil, I kinda get the feeling that when 6*, uncollcted, cavalier and alot of other thing came it the game was headed towards a more split tiered hierarchy but over past few months it seems like kabam got off at a different exit but I think it would be a great thing overall for the contest but I'm worried after the sigil where kabams trying to charge the summoners for most all the things we've been asking for for atleast a year that if kabam got back on the tiered rewards highway it would also come with a price tag. So I know kabam like to play things close to the vest I'd just like to know if any of these type plans may be Implemented in the future.
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