Labyrinth best option

Hey guys, just wanted to gauge your opinions on who is better for a labyrinth first clear - 4/55 starky or 5/50 aegon (both duped)? Running optimal synergies for both (venom, mm, electro, vulture) and (heimdall, angie, sl, hela). Also suicides for aegon but not for starky probably.

Labyrinth best option 34 votes

Aegon (5/50)
SecondSkrillerSpeedbumpCapMark2Bpn88855HairyslugAKKKTEKRoOOtsThesurvivlisthiddenblizzardMCoC_fanJuggerNotLordRaymond3TheKiryudigmeoutTony886Rehan010_Fred_JoeitySquishyjrThe_4THHedronK3600 23 votes
Starky (4/55)
GamerDuke_SilverTaZ_4178Bruinsfan8510WhathappenedX_Factor_AgentEtjamaPeaRatMilan1405MawrCalleachImmortal_148 11 votes


  • ThesurvivlistThesurvivlist Posts: 72
    Aegon (5/50)
    wait, starky. Do starky
  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 2,626 ★★★★
    Aegon (5/50)
    Who the heck tricks people with a 4* lol the savagery
  • Rougeknight87Rougeknight87 Posts: 327 ★★
    Wait for something better or if you’re going to R5 sparky
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 700 ★★★
    Aegon (5/50)
    Wait if Aegon is a 4* then Starky
  • KinkyWizard1KinkyWizard1 Posts: 1,266 ★★★
    Do not go into LOL with 5/50s. Not worth the aggravation.
  • WhathappenedWhathappened Posts: 495 ★★
    Starky (4/55)
    If your good with Sparks and bring the synergies he will be good for the first clear. I know there's videos of people using a 4* Aegon but haven't watched any. Sparks is still one of the better options for LoL but there's a couple fights in there where he's less than ideal. Good luck.
  • Immortal_148Immortal_148 Posts: 27
    Starky (4/55)
    I did my lol run with 4/55 sparky and it was amazing. I completed rol alot many times for the potions and spend only 100 units in completing lol. Sparky with his synergies
  • Milan1405Milan1405 Posts: 174
    Starky (4/55)
    Was just putting 5/50 aegon out there as an option as KT1 did it while streaming in 30 revives - and he was under pressure so wow
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