Recruiting 3mil alliance - Maps 5/4 - Very active in war

Are you who we are looking for?
Need a few good men/women to join our well-established team
Able to run Map 5/4 and AW simultaneously (depth in the roster - 12 solid champs)
Able to deal with a mature group of players who value communication and expect regular logins
AQ, AW, Rinse, Repeat.....
No event minimums
5K Loyalty, 75K Gold
Must have Line App

We are apart of a bigger alliance (Called "Justice League") they are aiming to get people with 4.7k Prestige or above! They also have spaces open if you want to join them then contact - Supermanjl on Line for more information about that!

Currently running all out in AQ and running a two war group rotation as some players are focusing on team development/quest completion. 

We are a group of well-seasoned veterans who just love to play - but still, like to kick it - a great place to call home without drama or BS. We expect regular logins and good communication is a must. !!We have fifteen spots open!! - check us out. 

If interested message me and I will get back to you ASAP - come and try us out! - we think you'll stay 
In-Game: BlackAdam JL
Line: Itstheoj
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