Needing Map 5 Players

Welcome to the Royal Kings!

10mil alliance.
We are currently running 544x5. We are trying to boost BG2 and get them running 5x5 as well so we are needing players. 2 spots currently available.
Chill and coordinated officers and leader.
We run 2 bgs of war. You do not have to join, but if you want to the option is there.
Averaging 500k SA.
Donos: 40k gold, 3k BC, 2k loyalty.
No event minimums. We usually max out all events though.
Mad Titan's Wrath. Averaging 60mil. We've been improving so we're currently at 70 mil with about 14 hours left in the current week.
Line app required for communication.
Comment on here or just add me on line.
LineID: SirBathSalts


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