Ready for collector or nah?

You guys reckon I can take on 5.2.4 onwards


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 58
    Eesh, you really should've posted those pictures in the opposite order - I saw the first pick and thought for sure you had to be joking! :smiley:

    FR though - you're set. Those top 4 champs would see you should pretty well all of it - Starkey is MVP for Collector thanks to his chance to evade specials.

    Beyond those four - Sabretooth has a synergy (I forget which, Void?) that reduces ability accuracy for 0.5 seconds on striking - essentially bypassing masochism.

    Ghost with Wasp could be a massive damage dealing option.

    Quake is always awesome for some difficult opponents - provided you know how to Quake&Bake

    Void is amazing for shutting down regen champs.
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