LTHB2 Fun alliance looking for recruits!

Looking for fun active players. No dues no requirements other than being active. We are a subsidiary to lthb with almost 7.5 mil rating!


  • Easy way to get your account built up fast guys. You don't have to worry about paying weekly dues or any stupid requirements. Play what you want when you want. As long as you stay active and building your account you have a home. Plus future options of moving up to LTHB are there once you get strong enough. LTHB is a top 10 tier alliance pulling 5 star shards and averaging a 4* a week with ease. Prove yourself in LTHB2 and you can move up. We are all about having fun and wont ever make the game feel like a second job!
  • Hdkid08Hdkid08 Posts: 3
    I am interested, still have openings?
  • whats your rating?
  • Hdkid08Hdkid08 Posts: 3
    Level 32- 24,735
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