Which the best on skill heroes need to be ranked up?

Which the best?

Which the best on skill heroes need to be ranked up? 25 votes

52% 13 votes
20% 5 votes
16% 4 votes
Si Gendut
12% 3 votes


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    Uh Si Gendut didn’t really translate well for us English speakers...is there another way you could try to explain who it is?

    From the top 3, Blade is probably your best for general stuff but GP is insanely good as well.
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    I'm guessing "Si Gendut" is Kingpin? :)

    Blade, Gwenpool and Killmonger all have great utility.

    Blade can shut down some annoying mystic defenders like Magik & Dormammu - if you have Ghost Rider and/or Stark Spiderman he has great synergy with them as well. Some claim there is reliance on those synergies but it really depends on your opposition. If awakened he has sustainability as well with a reliable Regeneration.

    Gwenpool is an offensive powerhouse - if she can bleed them. Her L2 can allow you to permanently shut down their power so long as you can keep the bleeds up and if awakened she can shut down opposition abilities but needs to ramp up (and maintain!) her combo meter.

    Killmonger has a specific utility of being able to shut down evading/auto-blocking champs via the True Strike ability from his L1. Auto-Evaders/Blockers are still rife in AW so if you're going up against them then he'd be a great asset. He also has amazing synergy with Sabretooth and Winter Soldier to boost them up - the Sabretooth one in particular allows you to breeze through Masochism nodes. In a pinch he's also a great defender because some people still don't know how to handle his abilities and specials.

    Kingpin is a different beast - he's primarily defensive by being able to shrug off debuffs, has a massive health pool and some tricky moves to deal with.

    Overall I'd probably prioritise them in order: Blade > Killmonger > Gwenpool > King Pin.
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    Thank you for your tips, I did it as well
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