View option during active Story / Event quest

Didn't find anything in the forum for this, so i just start my request:

I think it would be awesome if we had the option to spectate on Story and Event quests although there is a already quest active (of course not to start an actual quest, just to view the map with nodes etc.). Just like in an AQ/AW there are the buttons "view" and "continue", is it possible to make this for Story and event quests too?

For example Sometimes i just want to look something up in a specific Story quest but can't because an event quest is running; it says "champions in your team are now being used in a story or event quest". Or i would like to check rewards of an event quest but can't because there is only the view button.

Of course it should only work on quests that are unlocked and no items should be displayed (like energy refills).

I hope you could make this happen, thank you!


  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 473 ★★
    I agree about this. Several times, people in my alliance have been asking for advice on beating various chapters, but because I'm mid quest, I can't look to see which nodes they would have to face and counter. We currently work around this by having them take screenshots of the nodes, but being able to check them without abandoning my current quest would be very helpful.
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