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Just pulled 5* Omega Red. Is his dupe necessary, how do I play him, and what rank is he worth taking to unawakened? No I don’t have suicides, nor do I plan on getting them. I know this is a lot of questions but help would be quite appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    He’s not great unduped, he’s not terrible but nothing special, I wouldn’t prioritise him over good 4 stars, to play him you want to use the heavy attack when you have 10 spiders and use the sp2 to get as many spores as you can, basically keep the spire count up by using he heavy attack degen
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    If you have no way to awaken him, and are not planning on running suicides, then I would just leave him on the bench.
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    Despite what others are saying, if you're in need of a counter to Thorns, Korg, Electro, etc ... as well as Poison and Bleed* immune ... he's your guy .. regardless of sig level.

    Sp3 gives pretty good healing as well ..
    he has a lot in his kit, from what I've seen.

    *Bleed immune ==> 90% reduced dmg from bleeds ... so not total immunity, but darn close ;)

    (cool, apparently he doesn't take dmg from Magik's Limbo either .. learn something new . :) )

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    How to play him (unduped):
    Your presence next to the opponent gains spores (attacking them or being attacked), so play aggressively as these fall of very quickly when you're not next to them, to keep your spore count up you do a heavy attack which will maintain the amount of spores you have for a bit. Max spores is 20 (30 with Sabretooth syn.)

    Sp1 get's a life steal (depends on how many spores you have)
    Sp2 activates deathfield - how many spores you have while you are next to them will degen them a lot. (Suicides activates death field when Omega bleeds it activates)
    Sp3 get's a life and power steal (depends on how many spores you have)

    Not too sure what level you are but a great pull even for endgame content, poison and almost 90% bleed immune, can regen and power steal
    Great for biohazard paths (map 6, act5&6 etc)
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  • He has all the great utilities unduped. But lacking damage tho
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