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Act 5 first run

We are in 2019. It’s been about a year or so since Act was finalized and for me, about a year since I first got uncollected. I was unwilling to go any further but the idea has been sitting on me for a while now. I need to get it done. So I’m asking when you first finished your run of act 5 what was your roster? Roughly how many units did you spend if any at all. And who were your mvps?

I just want to know what I’m dealing with since I’m a little stingy when it comes to my units. I know Act 5 is no cake walk.


  • gfduncangfduncan Posts: 29
    I used all 4* except for a 5* blade and a
    5* R3 taskmaster
    4* R4 Ghost rider
    4* R5 Darkhawk
    4* R5 Storm
    4* R5 Stark spidey
    4* R5 void
    4* R5 Magik
    4* R5 proxima

    All but blade were duped
    Probably used around 300-500 units most of which were on act 5.3 which will kick your but the most.
    Stark spidey
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    For first run I used a team of 4-40 sw hulk Hyperion sl snd 3-45 gr, just stashed revives
  • SorLyonnSorLyonn Posts: 3
    I just finished it about a month ago and I used my
    5* R4 Cull
    5* R4 Omega
    5* R3 Stark Spidey
    5* R4 Void (unduped)
    6* R1 Heimdall
    The mvp for me was cull because after getting a couple stacks he could finish fights in 20-30 hits and if I ever got all 10 stacks I would beat the whole quest only using Cull.
    I only used about 300-400 units split between revives and energy refills. The hardest part for me was definitely Chapter 3 the attack reduction sucks and makes fights take a while
  • CassyCassy Posts: 1,033 ★★★
    I did my first run recently

    5* Sparky unduped r5
    4* Blade max
    5* GR r4 l98
    2 spots for path specific Champs/Boss /path nodes

    Stash revive/pots, cupple boosters, no units.

    Scouting with the maps avalible on Google, ghq etc. Help a lot
  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 3,663 ★★★★★
    I had 5* r4 Doc Ock, 4* Holy Trinity, and 5*r3 Venom I believe. But honestly, just find easy path for 5.4 at mcoc blogspot. About 5.3, it is meant to test your roster. If you have at least 5 champs of each class at 4* r5 and higher, it's easy. If you don't it's harder and annoying, but still doable (you might need few revives, but you should fit into 400 units if you play carelessly. With a little patience and skill, you will very likely need under 250 units for this chapter). Abput chapter 4, the paths are long and you will need someone who can nullify, because resistor-paths are the easiest. The paths are long, but the champs are quite ok. Tbh only one I hated was King Groot :smiley: About the bossfight, 4/6 are easy (Punisher 2099 is just fine, Morningstar needs bleed immune champ and can be easily soloed w 4* champ, Hela needs to be watched for furies and unstop, Mephisto needs incinerate immune, so Void or Iceman, or you have to have some regen champ) and the other two fight are tricky. Final boss Ulteon is easier than ppl say. If you have Medusa, it's even easier. You just need to watch for his buffs and evades. And the last boss I haven't mentioned is Modok. I honestly hate him, this boss cost me more units than rest of the whole chapter. Someone who has true strike or strong heavy attacks or AAR could beat him easily, but I don't have champs for this. Also, Blade's heavy used to be broken against Modok, so check that out before taking him in. Hope this helps :smiley:
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